at great expense

at great expense
за большую плату

English-russian accounting dictionary. 2014.

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  • at great expense — at great/​vast/​considerable expense phrase spending a lot of money At vast expense, he flew the entire family to Argentina. Thesaurus: prices and costssynonym types of prices and describing prices and costshyponym Main entry: expense …   Useful english dictionary

  • expense — ex‧pense [ɪkˈspens] noun 1. [countable, uncountable] ACCOUNTING an amount of money that a business or organization has to spend on something: • Most advertisers look upon advertising as an expense and not an investment, which is a mistake. • The… …   Financial and business terms

  • expense — n. 1) to incur, run up an expense 2) to go to great expense; to spare no expense; to put smb. to great expense 3) to curb, curtail, cut down (on), reduce expenses 4) to spare no expense 5) to defray expenses 6) to reimburse expenses 7) to share… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • expense — /Ik spens/ noun (C, U) 1 the amount of money that you have to spend on something: household/medical/living etc expenses (=the money that you spend for a particular purpose): The students share all the household expenses. | go to great expense… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • expense — noun 1 cost/money spent on sth ADJECTIVE ▪ considerable, enormous, great, huge, significant, vast ▪ added, additional, extra …   Collocations dictionary

  • expense — [[t]ɪkspe̱ns[/t]] ♦♦♦ expenses 1) N VAR Expense is the money that something costs you or that you need to spend in order to do something. He s bought a specially big TV at vast expense so that everyone can see properly... To avoid extra expense… …   English dictionary

  • expense — ex|pense W2S3 [ıkˈspens] n 1.) [U and C] the amount of money that you spend on something legal/medical/living/travel etc expenses (=the money that you spend for a particular purpose) ▪ He borrowed £150,000 and used the money for legal expenses.… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • expense*/*/ — [ɪkˈspens] noun 1) [C] an amount of money that you spend in order to buy or do something travelling/medical/legal expenses[/ex] Rent is our biggest expense.[/ex] 2) [U] the high cost of something A powerful computer is worth the expense if you… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • expense — I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo French or Late Latin; Anglo French, from Late Latin expensa, from Latin, feminine of expensus, past participle of expendere Date: 14th century 1. archaic the act or an instance of expending ;… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • expense — expenseless, adj. /ik spens /, n., v., expensed, expensing. n. 1. cost or charge: the expense of a good meal. 2. a cause or occasion of spending: A car can be a great expense. 3. the act of expending; expenditure. 4. expenses, a. charges incurred …   Universalium

  • expense — /ɪk spens/ noun money spent ● It is not worth the expense. ● The expense is too much for my bank balance. ● The likely profits do not justify the expense of setting up the project. ♦ at great expense having spent a lot of money ♦ he furnished the …   Dictionary of banking and finance

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